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Kirsty was extremely easy to talk to and non-judgmental. She gave me a better understanding of why I felt like I did and gave me coping mechanisms to deal with this. I felt as though Kirsty truly cared and although I felt embarrassed and scared she put me at ease.


Kirsty is a warm, compassionate person, who instantly put me at ease with a kind smile. Kirsty listened carefully in each session and offered different options for what we should do. Sometimes this was mainly talking, such as the roadmap – I found that cathartic. Sometimes this was learning a new skill, such as writing down cycles of depression, or constructing “hot cross buns”. Kirsty led me on this journey of discovery about myself, while completely including me and my wishes along the way.


Kirsty has helped me greatly and I appreciate her efforts.


Before I started I imagined my therapy journey to be long, exhausting and relentless but it was anything but. I thoroughly enjoyed working my way back to my old self with Kirsty’s help. It was the best decision I have ever made!


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